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”Cultural sphere is a closed system and it’s difficult for newcomers to slip in”. Vahan Artsruni

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“In Art and even in daily life happens clash of values. There is a mass, which avow to one value and there is another mass, which avow to another value. There is always a great difference between preferences. The combination of ideas, the real appreciation, the coordination of those systems of values, the characterizer of the realization is not the audience or creator, but the critic. That institution is made for this”.

We started our talk with Vahan Artsruni, singer, composer, talking about professional criticism. He emphasized, that he is speaking about an ideal type of criticism, about clever, polite, about criticism with great horizon, which can understand the creation with its content, not according to the fashion, according to request-offer thesis, we must go out from this, we must speak with art’s typical terminology.

” Our musical sphere doesn’t presume criticism. There isn’t any critic, who knows the musical news, there isn’t any critic, who criticise in a right way, that’s why our society is not so close to the art. If the audience doesn’t understand the  meaning of the music, critics explain the value of the creation”, V. Artsruni noted.

Speaking about culture, the composer said that in Armenia the culture is a close system and it’s difficult for newcomers to slip in. ”The misunderstanding about culture comes from the lack of governing system, lack of state doctrine and the lack of national program. People go to theater, watch a comic show and they thought that they have seen a real performance, but the performance is another thing. We have a great problem connected with understanding of culture’’,- he said and added, that the base of this misunderstanding is the incomplete education. “Each society needs selfeducation: for people it’s typical to enlarge their sacred territory, to enrich their knowledge. If the Government works on this, we get a polite and clever society, but if the Government doesn’t do this, we have to put up with a thinking of having an impolite society”.

During the last 22 years V. Artsruni sees a vector, which works against the natural wish of nation: ’Armenians like to study, but when we see that the institutes, which must support to this, are destroyed, we understand that the Government, which is the voucher of development, doesn’t want to do anything for this. In this case we can’t wait other steps from the society. The society’s internal resources are against the Governmnet’s inertia’’, he said that we must change this situation. “When the institutes, which are responsible for nation’s development, don’t do anything, people must control their work by themselves and must insist them to arrange a national policy”.

According to composer’s words, civic society posibly doesn’t understand the seriousness of the problem. In this case the individual role has a great meaning. In this case we have a question whether the individual’s voice would be audible or not.

Ani Rapyan (Culture.AM)
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