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76 years old Ucle Grisha is walking to Victory Parade from Armenia to Moscow

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76 years old Grigoriy Tepoyan who asked to be called “Uncle Grisha” is walking from Yerevan to Moscow. Here is now somewhere around the capital of Russia. He wants to put flowers to the grave of the Unknown Soldier on this Victory Day on the 9th of May. He wants to dedicate this trip to everyone died in war as TV Chanel “Mir” says.

Five men in Tepoyan family did not came back home from war. Among them was Grigoriy’s father. Junior Lieutenant Unan Tepoyan died near Dnepropetrovsk in December 1943. He was only 30 years old.

Uncle Grish as he calls himself is already near Moscow. He has already walked two thousand kilometres. He had been planning this trip for a year exercising and walking a lot. His wife and daughter didn’t let him go so he had to trick them. On the 22nd of March when everyone was asleep he left his house in Yerevan.

Grigorit Teponyan says: “I left in the night and walked straight to bus station where I got into the car to Georgia to my father’s house and it was too late for them to do anything”.

He father left for war from village Alastyan and that is the reason Uncle Grish started his journey from that point. Long distance truck driver helped him to cross Caucasian mountains to Russian border and then he walked. North Osetia, Krasnodar, Rostov, Voronej, Lipeck, Tula. Uncle Grisha walked 40-50 kilometres a day with little breaks every couple hours.

He walked same direction as public transport and then walked towards it. This was the only way to avoid drivers trying to give him a lift as soon as they notice his backpack saying “70 years of Victory”. He wanted to walk all the way.

Many people helped Uncle Grisha on his way. He eat in cafes by the roads, slept for four hours a day in motels, petrol stations and in trucks. He almost got killed by lorry driver who fell asleep, got robbed twice but there many people who just wanted to give him handshake as “Vesti-Moscow” says.

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