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The Power of Armenian Diaspora

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The Armenian diaspora refers to the communities of Armenians outside the Republic of Armenia including the self-proclaimed de facto independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Since antiquity, Armenians have established communities in many regions throughout the world. However, the modern Armenian diaspora was largely formed as a result of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, when the Armenians living in their ancestral homeland in eastern Turkey—known as Western Armenia to Armenians—were systematically exterminated by the Ottoman government.

The modern Armenian diaspora was formed largely after the World War I as a result of the Armenian Genocide. According to Randall Hansen, “Both in the past and today, the Armenian communities around the world have developed in significantly different ways within the constraints and opportunities found in varied host cultures and countries.

According to Seedstarsworld.com, it’s impossible to talk about Armenia without discussing the undeniable power and influence of the diaspora. There are over 3 million people who live in Armenia, but over 8 million Armenians who live abroad! Scattered across 85 countries, the diaspora has an extensive web of connections. This means foreign investment, knowledge transfer, networking opportunities and more. But why is the diaspora investing in Armenia?

For one, top notch education.

In addition to the Soviet heritage, there are various leading universities like the State Engineering University of Armenia. But the Armenians decided to go even further in educational projects by creating two institutional pillars that are helping educate future entrepreneurs. The well-renowned Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies welcomes students aged 12-18 to attend after-school workshops free of charge.

And then there is the Ayb School, a truly revolutionary concept that offers a full, specialized curriculum from elementary to high school. Their motto: “Ima yev ara”, which means “Know and create” in Classical Armenian, says it all. Here are a few key figures to keep in mind: 280 students, 92 teachers and 60 subjects to choose from. They even have their own rock band and a giant slide to go down from one floor to another!

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