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It is planned to develop a tourism development plan for Ashtarak


The Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan conducted working visits to Aragatsotn region. The head of the government was in Ashtarak, where the city’s tourism development project was introduced to him. Specifically, near the 11the century old bridge in Ashtarak there are churches, historical monuments, racecourse, resort area and it is planned to restore the city’s flavour, which may become attractive for tourists. The project aims to make Ashtarak one of the most interesting destinations for tourists.

It is planned to develop the city’s tourism development project and the infrastructure projects will be implemented within this framework. It was noted that from the tourism point of view Ashtarak is the focus of the program. The program should be carried out with the State-private partnership, with the participation of international organizations The Prime Minister welcomed the initiative and commissioned to develop a plan and introduce it to the government as soon as possible.