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National Academic Theatre after Gabriel Sundukyan is ready for operation after renovation


On November 7, the Minister of Culture of Armenia Armen Amiryan visited the National Academic Theatre after Gabriel Sundukyan getting acquainted with the activities carried out within the upgrading framework of the theatre. The Minister was accompanied by Deputy Minister of Culture of RA Arthur Poghosyan, Theatre’s Artistic Director Armen Elbakyan, the Director Stepan Davtyan and the representatives of mass media.

RA Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan at the end answered the questions of from media representatives.

As reported by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Culture, within the program of modernization of the National Academic Theater after Gabriel Sundukyan according to the agreement signed in 2014 between RA Ministry of Culture and the “Wagner-Biro Austria Stage Systems AG”, “Zaltsbrenner Steyjteg audio video mediasistems Jiembieyj”, “Electronic Theatre kontrols Jiembieyj “and” Artstek ” consortium of companies are fully completed upgrading works on stage mechanisms. Thus, new decoration the moving rod, Light sofitneri point rise, “Arlekin” and fire curtains, stage smoke-removing and rotating systems, general server software and network systems have been introduced in. Regarding the lighting equipment, the control panel is fully renovated, obverse and network system, a cable network, new Illuminators are installed. In terms of sound equipment stage systems for Control system, performance management and broadcasting, internal communication, Intercom systems software support are introduced in (headset, microphones, speakers, sound management and strengthening panels).

The stage boards replacement, and refinement of the hall floor works are carried out, as well as new chairs were put up for the audience in the hall.

On August 25, 2016, the protocol of handover and acceptance was signed.