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Sirusho is Among 9 of the Biggest Musicians Around the World


American famous site Mic.com has referred to nine famous musicians who, despite not having name recognition stateside, are some of the biggest stars in the world. They’re as catchy as the best American pop. Sirusho is among them. As the site reports, pop star Sirusho won her first award for singing at the tender age of 9, and has since piled up award after award for her contributions to Armenian music and the traditional culture there. In 2008, she was the first woman to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

“I have grown up in front of [Armenians’] eyes,” Sirusho told Eurovision before the 2008 contest. “They have seen me since I was very little. They have followed my career from the first time I entered the stage, they have given me my awards. Now that I entered the Eurovision Song Contest stage, I have seen that I have relatives not only among Armenians, but also among Europeans, who share the same feelings and the same passion for my song. I will just sing for all of them, and I love them the way they are!”

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