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Tamar Kaprelian’s ESC Collaboration “THE OTHERSIDE” to Be Released June 23


After two weeks of delays due to re-recording “The Otherside” is finally ready for public consumption. The superstar collaboration of the year, spearheaded by Armenia’s American counterpart Tamar Kaprelian, will be released next Tuesday, June 23. Featuring five of this year’s contestants — Tamar, Elhaida Dani, Maria-Elena Kyriakou, Elina Born and Stephanie Topalian — this single oozes talent and girl power.

As Tamar says.”The beauty of music is that songs have many meanings—they can be interpreted multiple ways”.

“The Otherside is about survival. Imagine looking out at a desolate landscape and describing what you see: “A traveler on these streets of gold / You never meant to sell your soul, but you / Find yourself rearranged like a prophet going blind / Tired of saving yourself when there’s no one to help and you’re fighting with both hands tied / But you’re ready to go, in your heart cause you know / No one cares if you live or die”

I wrote this about the music business and about the people I’ve met along the way. Some have been wonderful, they’ve helped open a lot doors. But, some (maybe a little more than “some”) were not so great. Sometimes the bad experiences outweigh the good. And when that happens, you need to refocus your life… analyze what is going on… and make some changes. Four years ago, I decided to take a break from music and do something completely unrelated. That’s when I applied to Columbia. I needed to recharge. I needed to be inspired by music again”.

As Wiwibloggs.com reports, during Eurovision 2015, Tamar told in an interview that this collaboration was the brainchild of her and Albania’s Elhaida Dani, who began chatting on social media. Tamar was also in touch with Greece’s Maria Elena Kyriakou and Estonia’s Elina Born, and she invited them into the project as well. Fellow Genealogy member Stephanie Topalian is also featured on the track.

“The Otherside”, written by Tamar, originally appeared on her debut album, “Sinner or a Saint“. She chose this song for its message, and chose to give her collaborators the biggest parts of the song. wiwibloggs was in the studio during this recording and spoke with Tamar about her revamp of “The Otherside”.


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