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They sold, they invested, yet no visible result. When will hotel ″Dvin″ be finally put into operation?


″Dvin″ one of Armenian erstwhile most gorgeous and most beautiful hotels was once ravishing with both its exterior and interior appearance. Due to its architectural flawless solutions the latter became one of the symbols of Yerevan in a short time, the construction of which started in 1979 and ended in 1984. Even the sculpture ″Dvin″ (by Ara Shiraz) earned State award (1979). During theSoviet Union times it had its own place. This ″Architectural giant″ was constructed, furnished and opened it’s doors within 5 years, but it hasn’t succeeded to repair (new buyer have destroyed almost everything) and beautify for more than 10 years.

Hotel ″Dvin″ with 1,5 hectare was sold to ”Caucausian communication group” company for 3 million dollars in 2003. They had promised to reconstruct a five-star hotel in five years by investing 30 million dollars. Five years passed soundless.

An agreement with the owner was signed this year as well, according to which the buyer is to finish reconstruction works in 2016 by investing 13,5 million dollars.

According to Ashot Markosyan, the deputy head of State Property Management Department, Dvin is one of the most important projects and the management office follows the investments.

To the question whether it’s true the that the owner doesn’t do his responsibility, Ashot Markosyan answered that it is false.

″The owner did his liabilities assumed in 2014. In case of not doing investments in hotel ″Dvin″, the government can sell it. We should admit that nowadays it’s difficult to do investments. And it’s more important to have five-star hotel here. To start using it a year later will not have a significant impact on the economy of Armenia. Since the main aim is to culminate in good results for the investments, said Ashot Markosyan and added that there were some delays, financial problems, but it’s important to admit that the owner didn’t resigned the project and kept on doing investments.

Government remains the only step to suspension, because the government has always been forgiving towards investors.

The dust and the smoke, stones and empty walls are still filling ″Yerevan beauty’s days. We hope that this year will not be like those previous five, and hotel ″Dvin″ will overlook again Yerevan’s quietude from the high hill of Kond.

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Suzanne Gareginyan ( Culture.AM)


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