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First Armenian church opens in Abu Dhabi


The first Armenian church opened in Abu Dhabi on Friday, Dec 12, with hundreds of Armenian Christians in attendance, Gulf News reported.
Previously, Armenians in Abu Dhabi would worship in other churches such as St Andrews Church, or go to Sharjah which has an Armenian church.
Father Mesrob, the church priest, said the community was very thankful to the UAE leadership.
“Shaikh Zayed gave us land to build our churches and Shaikh Khalifa has continued to help us.
We are very grateful to the Abu Dhabi government for the freedom to conduct our church services. Such actions will encourage stronger relations between the UAE and Armenian community.”

Pakrad Balabanian, an Armenian who attended the church opening, told Gulf News that “we have up to 1,000 Armenians living in Abu Dhabi so we needed a church to hold our gatherings. We have quite a few buildings on the site, one of which will be used as Sunday school for the children. We will be able to hold other ceremonies here as well. Previously, we had to rent different churches for our ceremonies. We want to thank the government for the land and its generosity.”

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