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Komitas Museum Opens in Yerevan


YEREVAN—A museum dedicated to the 19th – 20th century Armenian composer Komitas was officially opened Thursday in Yerevan’s Komitas Park. Under Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian’s proposal, a resolution to build the museum was passed by the Board of Trustees of the Hayastal All-Armenian Fund in May of 2013.

“The Komitas Museum-Institute is the symbol of the unity and revival of the Armenian people,” President Sarkisian said at the opening ceremony, speaking to an audience in the Museum’s concert hall. “Komitas Vardapet joined together what is spiritual and worldly, noble and peasant, Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian, thus proving the artificial nature of those, as well as many other dividing lines. By this, he became the pioneer and guarantor of the new march of the Armenian people as genocide survivors, highlighting and passing on a huge layer of civilization to us.”

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