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Two films by Parajanov were included in the mandatory program to watch in Harvard University


Harvard University included the following films by Sergey Parajanov  “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” (1964) and “The Color of Pomegranates ” (1969) in the mandatory list of films that candidates for Film Studies degree must watch. The list contains 20 films from the Soviet Union, among them also Alexander Sokurov’s film «Russian ark”, shot in 2002.

In addition to Parajanov’s films created in Soviet period, the following works have been also included in the above-mentioned list:  Lev Kuleshov “According to the law” (1926), Dziga Vertov “Cine-Eye” (1924), Sergey Eyzeynshteyn “Battleship Potemkin” (1925), “Aleksandr Nevski” (1938), “Ivan the Terrible” (1st series, 1944), Vsevolod Pudovkin’s “Mother” (1926) and “The End of St. Petersburg” (1927), Aleksandr Dovghenko  “Earth” (1930), Mikhail Kalatozov “The Cranes Are Flying” (1957), Grigori Chukhrai “Ballad of a soldier” (1959), Andrei Torkovski “Andrei Rublev” (1966), “Nostalghia” (1983), Sergey Bondarchuk ”War and Peace” (1967), Grigori Kozintsev ”King Lear” (1970), Larisa Shepitko ”The Ascent” (1976) and also  3 documentary films: Dziga Vertov ”Man with a Movie Camera” (1928), Viktor Turin ”Turksib” (1929), Mikhail Romm ” Ordinary Fascism” (1965).

Overall, the list consists of 800 best art, as well as  documentary films of the world cinema.

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