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“The success of each film is in its saying.” Jivan Avetisyan’s “Tevanik” continues winning awards

Jivan Avetisyan

Artsakh liberation is one of the glorious pages of Armenian new history. A unique period, when Armenians were united, a period when people thirsty for victories, did true heroic deed with its heroes by liberating of Artsakh and its adjacent regions, safeguarding own. This glorious period of the history is told in films made by film director Jivan Avetisyan. And though the director has already shot his third film, which is in post-production stage (“Last Inhabitant”), but even so, the victories of his previous film “Tevanik” are continuing, the last of which is “Best Film” award celebrated victory in framework of Romania Internatioanl Film Festival Ro-IFF 2015. In conversation with Culture.AM, the film director Jivan Avetisyan  notes frankly that “Tevanik” “likes” travelling and participatimg in various festivals. This time it settled in Romania.

As in the previous times, this time also I sent the film to the festival’s competition program and waited for their response. Fortunately the film was loved, appreciated, and also won “Best Film” award. This is a great achievement, for which we are very happy and grateful to the Romanian audience, to the film assessors and my “Tevanik” team that with united efforts we brought this film to life.


This is the 8th victory of “Tevanik” after the “Golden Apricot”  (“Best Feature Film”), China’s «First Silk Road International Film Festival» – (“Audience admiration”), Los Angeles «Arpa International Film Festival »- (“Best Screenplay”), the Rome «Overlook CinemAvvenire» International Film Festival (“Best Original Work”), the USA  “2-nd Annual World Entertainment Awards” (“Best Film”) “Haykyan” awards (Jivan Avetisyan awarded the Special Prize), as well as the gold medal of Jivan Avetisyan awarded by the mayor Nea Smyrni, Greece after the presentation of the film. Titled film, surely, will add new achievements to his triumphant trophy. To our question what is the success of “Tevanik’s”, Mr. Avetisyan answered.

-I think the success of each film is in its saying”. “Tevanik” is no exception, to our delight, its intention is assessable and available not only in Armenia but also in abroad.

But the idea of shooting a film “born unwittingly” to Jivan Avetisyan.
-When your soul, your heart have something to say, and you want to share it with people.

Our cinematheque needs high-quality films, one of the supporters of which is film director Jivan Avetisyan. And as a proof to this are his film awards. Not to forget to mention the “Broken Childhood”, which has managed to please the director with its awards. The next film “The Last Inhabitant” also promises to be Jivan Avetisyan’s films worthy successor and valuable work of contemporary filmmaking.
In spring, if there is no hinder, “The Last Inhabitant” will be shown to the public, the director concluded his speech.

The conversation by Suzanne Gareginyan (Culture.AM)
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