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“Map of Salvation”. Movie premier in Yerevan.

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There was a premier of film Map of Salvation in Yerevan yesterday. This film was made to commemorate the 100thanniversary of the Armenian Genocide. It is worth to mention that director of the movie is Aram Shahbazyan, script writer is Anna Sargsyan and camera man is Artur Garayan. This film tells about five European missionaries sent to Osman Turkey and who were witnesses to the Armenian Genocide and First World War events. Anna Sargsyan said that mercy of missionaries rescued many children and helped to set up orphanages. “Yes, just because of their mercy. Those Europeans didn’t know Armenians but stayed in Osman Turkey to save lives despite being able to return to their homeland”.  In interview with Artur Garayan he said that he used information from archives of Norway and Denmark when making the film. 100 minute film is based on true facts only. There is nothing similar ever been made in Armenian cinematography.



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