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Alain Delon, Dustin Hoffman and Adrien Brody to star in a film about Armenian genocide


YEREVAN, (ARKA NEWS ) – A Russian Armenian movie producer Valery Saharyan is going to make a film about the Armenian Genocide starring Adrien Brody, Dustin Hoffman and Alain Delon, LifeNews says. Valery Saharyan is the CEO of Armenia Production. His grandmother was a genocide survivor. “She jumped into the burning tandoor (a cylindrical clay oven dug in the earth used in cooking and baking) being confident that she would die. But she survived and lived for 111 years, telling all the horrors she saw with her own eyes to me,’ Saharyan says.

He plans to make Delon a main character of his film titled “Patient”, which takes place in a psychiatric clinic in Paris. The protagonist is the Armenian composer Komitas, who after witnessing the horrors of the genocide, was not able to recover from the shock he experienced. He died after staying in the clinic for 20 years.

Saharyan recalls a trip to Armenia with Alain Delon, where near a monument to the victims of genocide the actor was so overcome with emotion that he broke into tears.

Saharyan recently contacted Serj Tankian, the winner of Grammy and former head of the System of a Down, who willingly agreed to write the soundtrack for the future film. The Oscar winner Adrien Brody is supposed to play the main part in the film.


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