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Armenia’s Membership to the European Audiovisual Observatory


Beginning with 2012, Armenia is the member of the European Audiovisual Observatory, which was ratified by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg during 20th anniversary conference of the Executive Board the European Audiovisual Observatory (2012 November 6-10). The membership requires a clear policy in the international film industry, film production and maintenance of the ready films.

European Audiovisual Observatory is an organization, which carries out an important research work in the field of international cinema and other branches of the audiovisual industry, helping the professionals, occupied in this industry.

Armenia’s goal is to integrate in the global film industry, as well as get the appropriate support. The surveys of the experts of this organization are particularly valuable and important in the international arena. Armenia’s membership will enable the European professionals get the necessary information and make the legal field analysis in the audiovisual sector of Armenia.

In 2013 Armenia continued its cooperation with this structure on behalf of the SNCO «National Cinema Center of Armenia», participating in the conference held by the EAO, devoted to the professional issues.

The 2013 Yearbook of the EAO was published in 2014. It also contains information about Armenia.

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