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“The Cut” Premiered by Arpa Foundation for Film Music and Art


As Armenianlife.com reports, the Arpa Foundation for Film, Music & Art and the American Cinematheque co-hosted their second Los Angeles Premiere of 2015 at Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, in anticipation of the Arpa International Film Festival (November 13-15, 2015).
“The Cut” is an epic film by Turkish-German director, Fatih Akin, telling the story of the Armenian Genocide through the relentless journey of a father in search for his two daughters.
The film begins with Nazaret Manoogian (Tahar Rahim), a blacksmith in the town of Mardin, who is separated from his wife and two daughters as the war progresses. The Ottoman Turks order all Armenian males over the age of fifteen to enlist as soldiers or condemn them to the desert for labor. Nazaret is chosen for the latter, but survives death from the hands of the Turkish soldiers after getting his throat cut, which renders him mute.

This is a turning point in the movie because it shifts the focus from what is being said, to what the audience will see. The film shows the death and desperation of people separated from their families and villages; the pain and suffering of the masses left to starve and wither away in the desert; and the unimaginable task of aiding in the death of family members in order not to extend the inevitable, but to free them from their pain.
The film’s imagery began to transcend the screen and directly into the hearts of the Armenian audience who have waited over a 100 years to have a film telling their story to the masses.

This was a movie of epic proportions, incorporating beautiful location shooting and five different languages. It was a story of a mass atrocity, but it was also a story of father’s relentless search around the globe to find his daughters. The extent of Nazaret’s journey also draws attention to the vast Armenian Diaspora created after the Genocide. From Aleppo, to Cuba, to South Dakota, our migration was a result of pure uncontrollable consequence.
Legendary screenwriter and co-writer of the film, Mardik Martin was there to introduce the film to over 550 attendees in the audience. He noted it was his dream to have such a film completed by the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

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The Cut is set to be released in Los Angeles theaters late Summer/early Fall of this year.

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