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There are teachers of literature in Yerevan that have no knowledge of modern literature


Do you know writer living next to you? If you go outside and ask this question people on the streets I doubt that you will get positive answer. However we can not say that modern writers are hiding in shadow. Literature life became alive in capital. We have got plenty of various events and competitions. Readers are interested in modern writers. There are even favourite names. Does modern literature reaches villages? Do literature events and meeting with favourite writers reach readers in country side?

Literary critic Arkmenic Nikogosyan wo is also editor of “Antares” in interview with us mentioned that 4-5 years ago there was special Department created in Union of writers. This Department was in charge of arranging transportation for writers to visit country side. This program was shut down. Readers in country side mostly get meetings with writers from country side. It doesn’t matter ay longer if you live in city or outside you still can manage to communicate. More importantly people in country side follow the news in literature world. There were dozens of applicants from country side for competition hold by Literature Club “Granish” by media holding “Antares” this year (Armine Petrosyan from Gavar, Razmik Grigoryan from Artic, Nelly Bragina from Sevan and others).

By the way Arkmenic Nikogosyan noted that many teachers in province do not know modern literature. “I continue to insist that there are teachers not only in country side but also in Yerevan who are not familiar with modern literature” says A. Nikogosyan. He continues that “This issue has to be viewed from the point of motivation but not location. Yes people in cities have more possibilities but trust me that people from villages are using every chance to get to know world literature and art”.

For the question if “writers born in villages” literary critic replied “The writers do born in villages!”



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