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“Memories of Tomarza” the English version of the book on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide


As Journal Times reports, the English variant of “Memories of Tomarza” by Toros Madaghjian, resident of Wisconsin, was published in the United States of America to commemorate 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

The destruction of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire sets the historical time for “Memories of Tomarza”. This book is a compilation of first hand, personal stories and memories collected 60 years ago from survivors who left Tomarza and settled in Wisconsin.
Toros Madaghjian immigrated to the United States in 1910 and was a resident of Racine Wisconsin until his death in 1989. “Memories of Tomarza” is his 1st book.

The book was originally published by the author in Armenian in 1959 to tell the stories and share memories with those who came from his village. It was published and submitted by his granddaughter, Janet Mrazek.
As a young man and throughout his life, Toros Madaghjian wrote his thoughts and ideas in many books he bound himself. He had a great love of books, both reading them and writing his own thoughts.The book was translated by  Rev. Arten Ashjian into English and reprinted by the Madaghjian Family in May 2015, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The book is available on Amazon.com. Samples of the book have been donated to the Racine Public Library and St. Mesrob Church Library.

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