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The first printed Armenian Bible is 350 years old


This year is the 350th anniversary of the first printed Bible in Armenian language. According to the information provided by armchurch.info website, publishing of the book began on March 11, 1666 and was completed by October 13, 1668. The Bible consists of 1462 pages,presented in two columns (2924 columns) and has 159 images.

The basis of this edition was taken from Bible made in 1295 by the order of Hethoum II, the king of  Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. The original text was edited by Voskan Yerevantsi in accordance with the Latin translation of the Bible “Vulgate.” In the process of publication, he additionally translated and added few books of the Old Covenant which were missing in the version of Armenian canon. Voskan Yerevantsi ordered a luxurious binding for his Bible from the famous Dutch master bookbinder Albert Magnus, which was then gifted to the French King Louis XIV, and now kept in the National Library in Paris.

 Voskan Yerevantsi’s Bible is one of the best examples of Armenian early printed books.

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