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Grant Dink’s house-campus for kids – “house of childhood” was demolished in Turkey.


Ermenihaber informed that summer house-campus for kids in Tuzla area of Istanbul was demolished today on the 6th of May. Grant Dink and his wife Rakel Dink used to live there.

Building machinery entered territory of famous kids house “Kamp Armen” (Armenian camp) and razed it to ground this morning despite protests and signatures collected in internet. This camp was very important part of Armenian heritage that got seized by Turkish Government. According the Law that passed four years ago all possessions of small nations seized 79 years ago must be returned to original owners. However Turkish Government ignores everything related to Armenians. This story have got long roots since 1915 when there were no Armenian schools left in Anatolia more than 1500 pupils lived and studied here. It had been many years since this school was transferred into summer kids camp. This building was bought my Armenian Government in 1961 by the initiative of Armenian Protestant Church that lo9oked after this small Armenian place.

However Turks committed this crime and demolished kids summer camp to build villas.

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