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It’s ‘’Hrazdan’’ stadiums turn: Armenia’s largest stadium is bankrupt


The largest “title” has become some kind of plague. Sports and Concert Complex, the largest concert hall, went bankrupt and was transferred to the Defense Ministry’s account, from which it alienated a few days ago with “expectations” to become a family meaning complex-structure’s, in the future which would have a casino, aqua park, cafes, a large hotel, in that huge, new complex. Though ‘’Air-Armenia” is not a construction, but it, too, being the only one, and therefore the greatest, also bankrupt, which has replaced the bankrupt “Armavia” company. The “bankrupt” virus “continues to infect business, cultural and historical values.Tis time it’s the turn of “Hrazdan” stadium.

40_Dem_MG_5115 The honored architect Gurgen Mousheghyan’s implemented thesis work, which became the first in the Soviet Union by its attendance, and the 5th by its capacity, today “puts down its head” and waits for its fate solution. Exactly 45 years ago the stadium opened its doors, and a year later, the stadium hosted the official opening by the “Ararat” – “Kairat” football match. The region’s exclusive stadium was the only one in the world that first used lawn irrigation watering underground system model, whereby the grass was not becoming wet on the upper layer. And besides, the stadium lights were made by the local production of such lamps that the light “result” was the only one in the Soviet Union times.

“Football +” weekly in its 32nd issue’s (1009) article “Hrazdan” went bankrupt, and “Ararat” was left without a home of their own meetings held, stated that” Ararat “club got an official letter from” Hrazdan “stadium. The agency reported that “Hrazdan” is bankrupt and it can’t prepare and serve “Ararat” matches and offered to cancel the contract (our club with great traditions holds its games at the “Hrazdan” stadium). The “Ararat” club director Arthur Minasyan said to ‘’Football +”.

Culture.AM phoned “Hrazdan” stadium and tried to find out the details. But the long and engaged calls were making us to hang the phone every 30 minutes. Armenia’s football championship next home meeting of “Ararat” club, which was held at the pitch of the Football Academy confirmed the bankruptcy rumors.


A little more than a month ago, in the daily newspaper “People” an article was placed referring to this topic. Particularly, “People’s” journalist Sona Grigoryan, took an interview from Ashot Aghababyan, the owner of the stadium. He said that it’s already a few months that they couldn’t pay the salaries of the workers. One of the reasons was that the great financial income of the stadium comes from fair, which workers, in fact, moved to “Arinj Mall”. It’s a unique thing that the city’s largest stadium is also becoming bankrupt and its fate is unpredictable. The next object with a strategic importance for our country, actually, being privatized structure and deprived from state support, becomes “offside”.

We will still try to figure out the details of this bitter truth, but one thing is for sure. we can be envy of Georgia, the national policy was pursued by the fact that his country could receive UEFA Super Cup in his “Dynamo” stadium, which was rebuilt, and reconstructed for 3 times and became European standards huge construction, but we covered-up our sport “giant” and today sadly write news about bankruptcy…

Hovhannes Mnatsakanyan  (Culture.AM)
Photos www.voyagearmenia.com-ի, Mediamax.am-ի (source KarenDemirchyan Museum), Hetq.am
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