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Tankyan upraises our country and we complain…


Minister of Diaspora in her interview to TV Chanel A1+ said that “To complain is the easiest thing to do” without noticing that she was complaining as well. We are talking about statement of famous rock musician, singer of world famous band SOAD Serge Tankyan he made on legendary concert we remember until today. Celebrities of this level do not visit our country often, especially giving performance despite bad weather. This does not happen every day especially for singer with singer of Armenian origin. There were just few events of this joy since our independency. Only few events got attention of international media. And what happens next? Instead of appreciate efforts of these guys who “came back home” and gave a performance despite bad weather we complain.

From the moment this band was created they never tried to hide their origin that they are Armenians. They used every chance to get justice for Armenians. Moreover they showed Armenian flag in their famous video. I wonder how many people contacted Republic of Armenia and Armenian people as a result of acts of Ministry of Diaspora? Do you think foreigners know about Armenians more from Ministry of Diaspora then from SOAD? Statement of SOAD Serge Tankyan was just request to the Government of Republic of Armenia to do everything possible for their country. He did not encouraged people for revolution and what was our response “let them open bank account fro million people and come to Armenia 3-4 times a year to spend money…”

SOAD came to Armenians and brought attention of all media, they gave to Government fees they earned from their concerts and organised by them events for Genocide made people look at this from different angle.

Azerbaijan spends billions every year to advertise their country worldwide as “Azerbaijan is the city of lights” and printing it on t-shirts of Spain and Italy. SOAD with their performances shows not only quality of Armenian gene but raises the question about Genocide and demands justice.

SOAD is planning performances in Brazil in the end of this year. I wonder how does Ministry of Diaspora trying to praise Armenians in Brazil. But there is SOAD that will do it and will do it well.

There is no need to judge person for words he said especially when his intention was to do the best for his country. This person did not deserve to be charged for his actions especially since he is Armenian.



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