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It’s not convenient for Armenian honored artists to answer questions connected with high electricity rates

Shushan Petrosyan Culture.AM

Yesterday at night we saw that some MPs, artists, and show-business representatives joint Armenian youth on Baghramyan street, where young people protest against high electricity rates and they made a ‘’living wall’’, in order to prevent the friction between the police and youth.

Some people said that it’s a merely PR action that is well thought by the artists. Not going into details of this question, nevertheless we must mention the fact, that these people came to support the citizens, but where were the others, for example Shushan Petrosyan, singer, honored artist of Armenia, a member of Parliament, and other honored artists’, such as Hayko, Nune Yesayan, etc. who previously tried to position themselves close with peoples’ sentiments.

In order to find out the answer, we called some of these artists. It’s very interesting, whether their cellphones were inaccessible by chance or perhaps they thought that journalists will annoy them with such questions…

After trying to call Shushan Petrosyan for some times, she took the telephone and knowing that it’s a journalist on the line, she turned busy with no time to talk, asking to call later. Thereafter I finally reached her again as the singer/MP suggested, but she told me that I disturb her, although she wondered about the reason of such call.  When I told her that the conversation will be about the high rates of electricity, she continued saying that she is busy and turned off the phone.

It was easier to call Nune Yesayan, but she also hung up when I told her the topic of the conversation. She said that she is not answering to such questions by phone, even if it will take from her only few minutes.

Ani Rapyan (Culture.AM)
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