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“We paralyzed only Baghramyan street, but they paralyzed our culture, economy and science’’, Gagik Ginosyan

Karin hamuyt

Gagik Ginosyan, director of ‘’Karin’’ National dance-music ensemble is convinced that people’s protest is justified and it doesn’t matter who are the organizers of this protest, he is amazed. ’’The noble metal is forming inside of us which plays an important role in souls of the youth and due to this we become more nobled’’, he said during his speech and added, that we must go ahead step by step, ‘’First  of all the committee which has signed this assessment must be fired and punished to make clear why they did it without any explanation and right. Then we must demand not to be a monopoly in Armenia, we must deprive of the monopoly in the import of sugar and electricity’’.

Ginosyan says that the monopoly has paralyzed the spiritual, cultural and economic spheres in Armenia. All our veins are paralyzed. He suggests only one solution- all monopoly companies of electricity must be fired. ”State subsidy must be givento all companies of sunny energy and create an opportunity of competition’’, he said and added ‘’we paralyzed only Baghramyan street, but they paralyzed all our culture, economy and science’’.

As for the circumstance, that some political or public companies may have benefits from this situation, Ginosyan thinks that if the government couldn’t negotiate with the youth, others can’t do it, eather. ‘’I hope that guys will be cleverer’’.

To my question, whether it was right for people not to agree to listen to the president even with Live Stream provision, he said that they were right, because the government must have done it before this. ‘’The government, National Assembly and the committee have had 4-5 days to solve this problem. They could even say that suspend this decision for some time till the negotiation. But they don’t suspend and suggest to come and speak”.     

Ani Rapyan (Culture.AM)
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