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“As a citizen of the Republic of Armenia I would be against deforestation of Complex area”.Vazgen Asatryan


Passions about Government’s yesterday’s decision of turning the Sport and Concert complex into a Family-purpose complex is not moderating. According to the decision, first, the Ministry of Defense sells the complex balance, and for 30 million dollars becomes the property of “NTA Investment Group” (It cost about 30 million rubles to build the complex and it was sold for 30 million dollars). In its turn, that company is obliged to make certain investments in 4 years, and … and comes the most important question: to turn the complex into a family-purpose complex structure: the only one in the region, as it is mentioned during yesterday’s Government session. Well, the only one, which will contain restaurants, cafes, and all this completes a hotel, an aqua park and even a casino. The interested parties state that the press’s “turmoil” is irrelevant, reasoning that “Well, in those days also there were restaurants in the area, why didn’t anyone cry out?” Let me disappoint all interested parties, because at that time they were independent Structures (and still they were not desirable, but…), and now this is going to be a big complex, which will contain the Sport and Concert complex as well, and besides, the restaurant has a small format, and is little different from the casino (Interestingly, has a law changed that allowed to build a casino?). The “giant” of the capital which has a historical value will gradually turn into some minor part of the “new” complex and will cease to be a separate structure. In the same complex of Yerevan largest concert hall which has 2140 places, next to it will be an aqua park and even a casino? After all, it is not convincing. And it will be at the expense of the forest (for it is likely that in that very place will the aqua parks and cafes be constructed, at least a portion of it will be), this has already gone too far. The unique structure of its kind in Armenia, with around 20 hectares area turns out “prevented” the sale of that land, yes, why land? Because no matter how much investments will be done in the building, that being mentioned, the buyer considers the turning of the land into a large complex to be one of the primary points. It is assumed that, yes, one day the building would be sold again, to make the private side make investments, restore, but turning it into a kind of “mean” in the area “mastering” process, is a result of exclusive fantasy.

vazgen asatryan

Culture.AM talked to the director of Sport Complex, but it would be better formulated saying with Vazgen Asatryan, director of “Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex” SNCO, created under the Ministry of Defense, to know his opinion on this situation. In response to this, Honored Art Worker told us, that he had learned of the decision on the information spread by TV. In response to the question whether he hadn’t been invited for the discussion, or hadn’t been aware, SNCO Director stated that it has not entered into his jurisdiction, and that he has been involved in organizational and artistic works.

The musician is convinced, that in any case, the structure is out of danger, after all, it is the only largest concert hall in the city, and yes, there are lots of renovation problems, the solution of which would be very important and effective.

-Frankly speaking, I am not aware of what is written in this decision. I do not know what’s going to happen now: whether everything will be fine or not. If we have no idea of the matter ,then how we can immediately say whether it is good or bad?

However, Vazgen Asatryan expressed the hope that nothing bad will happen to the building.

-I don’t think that everything will be flawed inside the building: I assume that the concert hall will remain a concert hall, sports hall will remain a sports hall. That is what I know.

In response to the question, if all this were to be built exclusively at the expense of the forest, how he would respond, Mr. Asatryan said.

-I would be definitely against it, and as a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, as an old resident of  Yerevan, I would be the first one against it.


-As far as I understand, I am no longer a director, as the NTSC has been dissolved,-confided Mr. Asatryan at the end of our conversation , thus answering to our question of how it happened that he didn’t know about all this?



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