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A coincidence or lack of knowledge: the Education and Science Vice-Minister pronounced the National Hero Tatul Krpeyan’s name as Krepyan?


On August 31 in the RA Government’s session’s agenda one of the included issues was  related to the N 62 high school’s naming after Tatul Krpeyan, a National hero. Naming the school after a national hero, of course, is a great event. The new generation needs such names to be brought up with heroic spirit . People, who managed to build our today and give us a victorious and independent country. But come and see, is it a coincidence, or  lack of knowledge the Vice-Minister of Education and Science Karine Harutyunyan representing the issue of renaming the school twice pronounced Krpeyan surname as Krepyan (This tells “Haykakan Zhamanak” (‘’Armenian time’’ daily newspaper) during  reading . And as complement to this followed the government’s non-members response and, at least a little consideration, that our country has not a Krepyan hero. If being mistaken one time we could ignore, because people are not perfect and sometimes in most inopportune moment mistakes become our “bad friends”. But when the mistake is repeated, then it is quite suggesting that the Vice- Minister of Education and Science “was unaware” of the glorious name of our National Hero and about the Hero in general . Artsakh war’s 8 heroes were posthumously awarded state title, dedicating their lives to me and you. They are not 800s, just 8 people (the highest title awarded to 15 people), and at least  we have to know their names. More over, the government’s absolute silence concerning Harutyunyan’s discource  is doubly surprising.

On this occasion, commenting on the so-called mistakes the Vice-Minister in her interview to “Haykakan Zhamanak” (‘’Armenian time’’) daily newspaper has said that she didn’t notice to pronounce  Krpeyan as Krepyan.
And how she did pronounced it wrong, the Vice-minister knows it herself.

We must know, recognize and uphold the names of all the people, thanks to which now we are living under a peaceful sky. We just have to.

Hovhannes Mnatsakanyan (Culture.AM)
Photo: Armtimes.com (“Haykakan Zhamanak”)
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