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Historical Justice and Turkish Hysteria: “An Armenian Day” in Vatican

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12.04.2015. A historically significant date, when His Holiness Pope Francis gave liturgy in Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican in memory of the innocent victims of Armenian Genocide. Such kind of event has never been held. Even the “hard efforts” of Turkey couldn’t “hinder” the decision to be established by Pope, renowned for his kind personality and clever decisions: what is more astonishing, Turkey started demanding clarifications from Vatican and recall its ambassador. God with them. Let them call, recall and care for their representative. But to turn the wheel of history and erase a historical day of crucial importance they won’t manage this time. I wonder what kind of senseless questions they asked their ambassador of Vatican, when the latter was recalled to Ankara after the liturgy. But, whatever.

Certainly, the Pope of Rome (also the previous ones) had only said prayers for the repose of souls of those suffered from different massacres, but a liturgy had never been held. Thus, this is a step forward. Besides, Pope of Rome confidently uttered the word Genocide in his discourse unlike those diplomatic “officials”, for example, the USA president, who continually avoids pronouncing it. “Over the past century our family has rubbed through three massive and unprecedented tragedies.

The first one, that is considered the first genocide of the 20th century, struck your Armenian nation”, and then “It is necessary and dutiful to honor their memory, as when the memory fades, it means, that “the evil allows the wounds to fester”… No need to add anything. Nowadays, there is well-spread word in use: “The Turkish must be watching and laughing at us”. What is now? Perfect positive emotions in this side and “fiasco” in Turkish side. So, let them recall their representative. Never ever.

Then, it was the turn of our spiritual leaders. The Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II, was the next to talk after the competent speech… and what Aram I, His Holy See of Cilicia did. I wish him live a long life and may God save him. In his decisive speech he raised the Genocide “flag”, the more, being a very educated and intelligent person and properly prepared for that day, he changed his Armenian speech into English, making the fact obtainable not only those present, but also millions of English speaker televiewers, who were watching the liturgy live from that side of the screen. Words bursting from the bottom of heart, phrases revealing the truth and in the end a gratitude message to Pope of Rome. We should be proud, the world learnt that we are not a small nation. “Armenian judgement is the one of justice, and everyone knows that judgement is realized by God. Therefore, crime against the justice is a sin against God …”. This was a message of a speaker, that was appreciated with applause of those present.

The day was really significant. This all was fulfilled with Canonization of Grigor Narekatsi as a Doctor of the Universal Church. The one from the 36th. “And as all could write and praise the Lord, Narekatsi spoke to Lord”.

And for the first time in history, sounds of duduk were heard in Saint Peter’s temple, besides, the “Mother Armenia” centre choir of Catholic church performed the Armenian sharakan (church canticle). Not to be proud would mean not to respect your people and yourself.

The delegation led by the president returned to Armenia on April 12 in the evening.

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