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Phone of Ministry of Culture is in “silence” regarding House of Saroyan and Ministry of Diaspora is treating this as “advert”


Media is overloaded with information about sale of House of Saroyan. House of American write Armenian origin William Saroyan in Frezno goes on sale in auction at 10 A.M. on the 5tth of May.

Culture. AM tried to find out what does Ministry of Diaspora knows about it and if they are going to do something to rescue the house. Head of management of Ministry of Diaspora Rosa Ovinisyan in interview with us said that this information is from American advertisements newspaper “Gind”. She said that “House of Saroyan was on sale for 3 times and after him house had already 3 different owners”. To our question if “anything will be done to get the house” she replied that “there is currently no information about it”.

We also contacted Chairman of Union of Writers Edward Meliksetyan/ He said that he was busy but as soon as he heard name “Saroyan” he found time to answer our question: “We will contact appropriate people and organisations to get help in buying the house of writer and turning it to the museum”.

We are still not able to get information about position of Ministry since they do not pick up phone.

We admit that maybe we are being unreasonable with our worries. However if we do not speak up who would get the House of Saroyan? Especially since only couple days left until the sale. Appropriate organisations do not seem to be worried and they are just checking information for now.

There is memorial plate on the House of Saroyan saying that he created ten books in this house. House built in 1064 and currently in very poor state and waiting for the next owner.

Another story comes to our mind. Famous American-Armenian writer said this about his garden in auction “Selling my garden. Useless land, not enough water, nothing grows. Will sell to first buyer…” Garden was sold on the first day but of course not to the first buyer but the one who offered more.





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