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Armenians living in Iraqi Kurdistan weapons to protect their homes, the faith and the right to live

armenianlife.com: Last time, there is little information in the region of Iraqi Kurdistan, where Armenians live. It seems that these people, who were seriously under the former Iraqi leadership position in the country, has disappeared from the earth.
The Iraqi media rarely publish information about Armenians living in the media, sometimes they say about Kurdistan, local TV channels. However, this information is not available for those living in Armenia. And it’s understandable. The area is located in the center of the turbulent events in the real war is going on, and there can not send a reporter or camera group.
But they are alive, they have nowhere to flee from their villages near the town of Dohuk Avzruke, Avresk, Ishkender. And the community is not America, not Armenia, nor Mars has moved … Armenians continue to live, raise children, work and dream about when to calm down the situation in the region after the militants “Islamic State” leaving the country, had disappeared from the face of the earth.
“We Armenians are known for our intellect and courage. State leaders of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Kurds are very respected by us. We are lions and eagles who grew up with Armenians. If need be, we are ready to fight at the cost of our lives as Lions, says a representative of the Kurdish community in Iraq Murad. – We will come to the aid, if carried out an attack on Armenia, and it does not matter who will be the attackers. “
Murat and his group of expert tells dealing with regional issues, known by the nickname stranger Mining and professionally involved in Arab, Turkish, Kurdish, Iranian, Iraqi media monitoring. His observations may know what is the situation in the place where the lives of our compatriots.
He tells the men that the only 19-thousand Armenian community are serious concerns under the command of former Iraqi army officer, Colonel Murad Vardanian Iraqi Kurdistan region. They were young men, chosen by the enemy (ISIS – «Islamic State”) against the difficult and dangerous path of armed struggle, when thousands of Kurds and other Iraqis have fled the country, leaving the way even bring their own firearms.
“But Mourad Armenian Avzruke, Avresk and captain Ishkender villages,” says the alien resident. They are large villages, where there are churches, a Sunday school (Avzruke). Armenians residing there are all Armenian Genocide survivors and descendants of the people there did not go nowhere. If nothing extraordinary happens. True, their relationships, for some reason, are not very good with them, because the latter are not helping persons. Could it be that they are Kurdish.
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