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Independent’s correspondent: “It is time to recognize the Armenian Genocide”


Armenian Genocide issue was the focus of the Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk of the popular British newspaper «Independent». The latter, in his article referred to the statement of US Secretary of State John Kerry on contemporary genocides.

Note that Kerry, speaking of the terrorist group “Islamic State” activities, said that the Isis exposes to genocide minorities living in areas under its control – Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims.

“But there’s a problem. These terrible atrocities are being committed on the very land and deserts upon which a far more terrible genocide was perpetrated just over a hundred years ago… And Turkey – heaven be praised – is now our good friend, Nato ally and, since this month, our bastion against the Muslim refugee “invasion” of Europe “, Fisk writes.

He recalled that when John Kerry was a senator, he recognized the Armenian Genocide, whereas now he qualifies it as “one of the greatest atrocities of the 20th century”, and Hillary Clinton, who was criticizing the Armenian Genocide before becoming the Secretary of State, now calls it “historically arguable question”.

Fisk stated in his article that a century ago, 1.5 million innocent Armenians were treated just as Isis treats the Yazidis, Christians and Shias today.

He continues: “the Turkish government and the Turkish army and the Turkish institutes of state? And all this at a time when an increasing number of brave Turks are themselves acknowledging the Turkish genocide of 1915?

Forget it: 75 million visas to Turkey in response to their $3-billion European bailout to block those refugees is enough to keep the Armenian mass graves of 1915 well and truly closed. Just ask John Kerry”.

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