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“Too much water drowned the miller.”


The Chairman of the NA Committee on Cultural Affairs, Artak Davtyan, attended the reception to historical sites out of Armenia where food was also served.

“You, as an NA …”, not still finishing my question, the Chairman of the NA Committee on Education, Science, Culture, and Youth Affairs, Artak Davtyan, finished it, saying, “Chairman of the Committee on Cultural Affairs”, “yes, yes, and how do you feel about …”, again not finishing my question, he continued, “in Zvartnots and Garni …”, “yes, yes, and how do you feel about the permissions granted by the Ministry of Culture about holding “corporate” in these temples.” “Like you,” replied A. Davtyan. To our question of whether it is somehow possible to regulate this sector, because currently the Minister of Culture is saying that what is done is legal, the Chairman of the Committee replied, “For example, what would you recommend? What should we do? Make recommendations… One the one hands, we have a regulated legislature, it seems we have no problem with the law, on the other hand, this is definitely not acceptable at least by the public and people thinking, and it is natural. I guess we should try making recommendations, for example, before displaying such liberal approach, it should pass a phase of discussion.” “And wouldn’t be it correct to just ban eating and drinking at the territory of cultural objects?” to our question, A. Davtyan replied, “Maybe … But when saying, eating and drinking, we must understand what “eating and drinking” means. Too much water drowned the miller, and if temperance is maintained… We also very often being out of the country attend the receptions during the meetings, when this reception is organized in some cultural sites, and the program includes also food, but it is not our perception of “eating-drinking”. Regardless of everything, we need to try finding an interim solution.” To our next question that the Ministry of Culture substantiates that a lot of money is spent for such parties, the issue of toilets in “Zvartnots” was solved and so on, whether they are equal matters, Artak Davtyan replied, “One way or another, we need finances to resolve our problems, including the preservation of cultural centers. The state funds are scarce. One can immediately say that let the government do everything, but we clearly understand that, unfortunately, the Republic of Armenia is not so rich yet to be able to duly take care of all the problems. And, it is natural that the ministry should have substantiated accordingly, but I would repeat again, temperance in everything. If temperance is maintained, and its number one responsible entity for this particular case is the Ministry of Culture, then I do not see anything bad. However, to calm down these rumors, and be perceivable for people that it is possible to take on such steps, I think that there must be additional clarifications and reassurances that the Armenian way of “eating and drinking”, lavish hospitality and revelry are not allowed. We may put some restrictions for alcohol, and exclude strong beverages, some regulations are needed…”


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