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Charles Aznavour: I am an optimist, I “do not care” about annything / Video

French chansonnier, writer, composer, poet and actor Charles Aznavour in the interview to Vladimir Pozner in program “Pozner” to his question about secrets of his longevity replied following:
“I live regular live, I am optimist, I do not care about anything. I don’t know if I believe in God but I think that someone called God is able to give you everything you need”.
He told that he does not follow any diet: “You shouldn’t eat salt, you shouldn’t eat sugar, you shouldn’t eat fat… I eat it all”. He also admitted that he does not work out but tries to keep his back straight. “When you stoop in walking you start shambling. Besides, you always have to give the impression that everything is all right with you. It is very important because you revive not only everyone’s spirits but yours as well”.
He says that he doesn’t really know where does he get his power from. “I am just not a looser. There are people who are loosers from the day they born and I am the opposite of looser”. At the same time chansonier said that he is kind of person who always distrusts but “it does not complicate life but quite the opposite”. “When you know that any disaster could happen you just stay calm and do everything to avoid this disaster. On contrary person who is not aware of disasters dies before this even happens”.
Charles Aznavour stated that he will be by all means arrive in Yerevan on April 24th to take part in the events, commemorating the Armenian Genocide centenary.
The chansonier believes that Turks refuse recognizing the Armenian Genocide for two reasons:
“They cannot accept it as a fact, as their most important word of honour. And that can be understood. But there is another thing as well: people have become very rich due to the Armenian’s properties”

At the same time Charles Aznavour does not feel any hatred towards the Turks, as he was brought up by his mother, who had lost all her family due to Genoside. “My mother did not have any hatred towards the Turkish people. She used to say that there are good persons as well among the Turks”.

Chansonier highly evaluated the statement of the Pope Frances of Rome that the Armenian Genocide is the most horrible crime of the 20th century against the humanity. “The Pope of Rome is one of those unique persons, who tells the truth and preserves it, independent from anything, without any fear of something, without fear and shame”, – said Charles Aznavour


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