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Outrageous ignorance


Seems like each human being at some point of his life have to understand how difficult it is to earn money and to achieve something.

The child on photo doesn’t seem to be orphanage or have any health issues. She is dressed up, hairs are done. Of course it is difficult to describe the story behind this one image where this child is using her violin case not only for violin and notes but to keep there change people give hew for performance.

We do not have all facts but still we have to note that there is a CHILD in front of us. This child suppose to play with toys and study instead of earning money on her free time to have life experience. Despite hard conditions of her family (this is just a guess) it is difficult to understand what is going on in heads of this child’s parents to let her play on the streets not for joy or performance but to get money people passing by throw in her violin case that mean to be for notes.

It is not fair to blame our government either since people are different and not all of them like working and lack of job is not the main reason those type of people for something like that. Many parents do not like working and turn their kids in money earning tools. We have got right to blame policemen who passed by this girl on Northern street and did not stopped to ask the reason she was there.

There might be different reason form non responsible parents to ignorant government and people around. We have to share this type of images to talk about it and feel ashamed for ourselves. But all people do is take photo on their mobile phones and share it on social networks with sad comment as soon as they get to WIFI zone -that is all.

Nobody stopped person who took a photo or ask the child if she needs a help.

This also applies to those people who shared this photo in internet blaming government and tagging child’s parents as monsters.

Great Shakespeare said. “”Don’t curse the darkness, light up the candle and illuminate around yourself””

Maybe this little girl needs our candle…


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