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‘’Although Tatul Krpeyan is the glory, the pride and the beloved hero of whole Armenian nation, but first of all he is my father”. Aspram Krpeyan

Aspram Krpeyan

The heroes are immortal of their deeds. Their idea of immortality is what they can create for people, for their nation and homeland. There are individuals who ”carried forward” the victorious spirit of Armenian people on their shoulders at the expense of their lives and wrote the glorious pages of modern history with their blood. It’s a unique experience to feel a soul and be a contemporary of the time period in which many years ago lived They and fought for you and me. But they are immortal, they continue to live among you and me, in my and your consciousness and continue to live as long as we live, Armenian nation exists.

The “National Hero” title is the highest rank of our country with which were awarded 14 Sons (total 15). Each of them has an undeniable role in our country and won the honorary title. A new park near the Lvov Street has been recently named after one of the National Heroes Tatul Krpeyan.

On this occasion Culture.AM talked to Aspram Krpeyan, Tatul Krpeyan’s daughter, who shared her experiences and emotions.


-As always I feel very proud and compelled. Compelled, because I am responsible for carrying that heroic heritage, and proud, because although my father is the glory, the pride and the beloved hero of Armenian nation, but first of all he is my father.

As an answer to our question about the park, the school whether it was an aim or a dream, to rename it after her father’s name, the graduate of YSU Faculty of Law noted that naming any place or institution after her father’s name as a National Hero, a great patriot, was just a need.
-It was one of the innermost desires of me and my mother. The proposal and the selection belongs to us, and I appreciate very much my mother’s consistent and significant role in this regard. We are very grateful to the government and municipal authorities for giving a process to our initiative.

Our interlocutor frankly noted that since the last year her mother had begun negotiations with the mayor on the issue of naming the school and the park after the National Hero’s name. City Council approved the decision on naming the park on March 18, 2015, and the decision of the government of naming the school was approved on August 31, 2015 in the government session.

This range of events dedicated to Tatul Krpeyan’s 50th anniversary will be focused in the capital. The hero’s daughter said that the jubilee concert will take place in the Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre, will be held conferences, and the Best Student Awards of this year will be dedicated to Tatul Krpeyan’s memory.
Besides being a great patriot, Tatul Krpeyan was also a great poet, but the “soaring” of his strings was interrupted in the open sky by the enemy fire.

- Two years after my father’s death, his poems written in students’ notebooks, were all collected by my mother, edited and published in 1993 as a separate small book called “Tatul”…

Tatul Krpeyani anvan zbosaygi (15)

“Why are you afraid of death? Right now I am ready to die for the land, the nation …” said the hero and went to the front. Motherland “hugged” its hero, and Tatul became immortal, became a beacon of victories and freedom, pride and unity … It is a unique concept to be a contemporary of a story in which live heroes  like Tatul Krpeyan…


The main photo: Nor Nork Administrative District

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