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Indifference is rooted within ourselves: Does it have to do with Kardashian?

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The fact that Kim Kardashian and her world famous husband rapper and producer Kanye West’s arrival in Armenia is an exclusive occurrence, that is undeniable of course. Leaving aside the profession Kim “has chosen” and the fact that her arrival in the beginning caused irritation and disgust to some ignorant people, but its woth to note that such widely spoken topic on CNN and Daily Mail have shed much-needed light on Armenian issues, in particular the Genocide and in this repect we all have more to gain rather the opposite, as some might mistakenly think.
Another surprise Kanye prepared for Armenians before leaving… Swan Lake… In fact, the concert that would cost few millions, he made free for Armenians. During Kardashians stay, Kanye, the holder of 21 Grammys, positioned himself not only being a modest person, but also managed to shift the world’s attention to Armenia once again, holding a grand open-air concert in Yerevan.
But what about us…? Yeah, being excited with such venue, rarely happening in the capital, people did climbed around just to see the megastar’s performance. Half an hour before the gig kicked off, the crowd has got on the very top of “everywhere” even Arno Babajanian’s monument, as for some it was a perfect place to watch an artist jumping into water… Indeed, some fools might find much space on it and feel comfortably standing on that sculpture, but so what?!
And now Kardashian’s are here to blame again for that?! Would you say ”It’s all Kardashian’s fault, she came and brought that singer guy with her…”? Poor Kardashian…
Why is she to blame, when the monument to USSR People’s Artist serves as a ladder for watching Kanye and when we do not care for a second about the work created by David Bejanyan.
So, here it is seen our real commitment for cultural values that suppose to be so dear to us… May Kanye sing again or try to walk on water, but we should respect and honor our heritage, shouldn’t we? Our regards to Kanye, but to get on the top of Babajanyan’s statue just in order to see him, that’s so outrageous and disgusting act of behavior… So, you still think Kardashian is to be blamed for that?! Such a phrase, coming from our elderly, like “you shouldn’t or it’s not right my son” have lost their value long ago and nowdays it seems there is a trend not to care in general, but rather giving a helping hand to those staring dudes so they dont fall down from Babajanian’s statue…
But No! Go to say again,” thats Kardashian’s fault’!

Photo by Murad Safaryan

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