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Each artist must be paid appropriate to his spent. Vigen Stepanyan

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″″Golden Apricot″ is getting a great reputation and rating, and I highly estimate Harutyun Khachatryan’s work. What is being created nowadays is a constant value″, said Honored Art Worker, artist, director, Vigen Stepanyan in the interview with Culture.AM, adding that the festival results are visible.

Just see, worldwide famous artists are coming to Armenia, such as Ornella Muti. I’ m not talking yet about the film directors and artists who were the previous years’ guests.″

As a film worker Vigen Steapanyan thinks that the ″Golden Apricot″ is an honorable event for Armenia: each country would like to have such an esteem festival.

As an answer to our question, what can give this festival to our film workers and what doors opens it towards them, he said, ″There are people who are busy with film producing. During the festival they have a meeting with our film workers and they get interested in our film production. It’s another question, what we can offer them. We all know what is busy now our film market with: all films created for entertaining are just for business. It’s a type of business not so close to art and are not worthy to be in such festivals″.

In Vigen Stepanyan’s opinion there are few good films and few people who are busy with making such films, because it’s not lucrative.
″What is shot now in Armenia is first of all for money, for returning the part of the investment, but art and business are not relatives. In any case there are people who want to create, who can create art suit works and it will stay as a history″, my interlocutor said.

The artist treated with skepticism to the opinion that money can’t be a problem if there’s a talent, and a good film can be created even by phone,
″In any case I haven’t seen such work. What is constant, has a price, it means that any art work needs an investment. For creating a good film need money and investment and there can’t be another opinion. In all over the world people spend millions and billiards for shooting films, how it happened that we became so talented, that we can shoot a film with 10.000 dram.″ proclaimed Vigen Stepanyan emphasizing that each artist must be paid appropriate to his spent. ″ We spend our souls and it’s unpredictable what will happen in film studio.

At the same time my interlocutor thinks that money is not the only reason for not creating a masterpiece.
Film is a combination of scenario, directing, operatoring and good artists.  We have some things, we have  lost some things, but we still hope to find some things″, said V. Stepanyan.

Ani Rapyan (Culture.AM)

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