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Charles Aznavour. “Pope Francis is a strong man”

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Not many nations can boast with such exceptional talents whose work has influenced or changed the whole area in which they worked.

Charles Aznavour. This man was able to carry out the above and his name is positively correlated with the word Armenia. His amazing personality with almost a century-old professional background, he still continues releasing new songs, CDs, and even in his old age has not forgotten his roots.
One hundred percent Armenian and hundred percent French (so Aznavour speaks of himself), with the headline on French TV channel «Le Parisien TV» addressed the topic of the Armenian Genocide, in particular for the liturgy, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and of course the word ‘genocide’ uttered from the mouth of Pope Francis.

In response to all this, Aznavour said curtly: “Pope is a strong man.”
“We need to recognise not only the Armenian Genocide, but also all other nations who experienced such tragedy, so this will not happen again,” – said Aznavour. He hopes that Turkey will take the first step that will be remembered for a long time.

In another interview, given to Europe 1 radio station, Aznavour was asked: What is going to change if the Pope recognizes the Armenian Genocide?
– It could change a lot and I am sure that it will … or Turkish youth will revolt, because they want to know the whole truth, but not to live in such captivity…
And how much humanism this legendary man found in him lastly by disregarding the sensitive side of the matter and saying, “No way, I do not hate the Turks” …

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