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“It’s time to get back home” the House of William Saroyan.

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There are some people who live in houses and all they care about is not get wet, stay warm and cosy, but there are also people who take care of each brick, each bush and tree in their houses so much that you get jealous. One of those type of people was famous American writer William Saroyan. He even paid to his neighbour for taking care of his trees.

Now let’s talk about our inattention to his house. We are not talking about four walls that have been there for over 50 years. We are talking about “reckless loss” that grew into our families. House of Segey Paradjaniv that we don’t know much about had been sold in Tbilisi within 20 years. The house of Tumanyan had same unlucky destiny. Government of Georgia gave away part of this house (120 sq. metres) including library of Tumanyan to some lawyer Archil Lejav in 90s. He decided to sell it I 2008 for $25.000 only. Deal did not go through but library had been lost. Grandaughter of Tumanyan regrets saying “if we could afford to buy it at that time the library would’ve been saved”.

When the house of great Russian composer Rachmaninov went on sale in Switzerland Russians reacted immediately saying “No. This is ours! We need it. That’s all!”. In fact Minister of Russia Vladimir Medicinskiy treat it as national question and President of Russia supported the case.

Rachmaninov was Russian, thought as true Russian and always wanted to come back to his motherland. He even used to sent all his income to help soldiers. It is important to return homes to their true owners.

House was bought for 188 million Swiss francs. This shows that Government does take care.

One more example from Russians. Famous businessmen Alisher Usmanov bought in auction collection of Rostropovich and returned it to state. These patriotic businessmen bought Nobel Prize in auction in 2014 and returned it to scientist who dedicated all his life to cancer research. Hat is impressive and this story is about generosity.

There are only few days left until house of William Saroyan will go on sale. Company “NBS Default” appointed day of sale which is 10 A.M. on the 5th of May.

This is out national matter and we have to expand our roots. We are nation that has got strong national identity. We have to get united and fight to return house of William Saroyan. Everywhere…All… Together. No matter if you are businessmen or politic, representative of government or opposition, live in Armenia or elsewhere. William Saroyan is ours! He fought with his words for you and for me. He had been creating for days and night to keep up your and my name.

This is out turn! This is our time to take care of our assets.

Culture. AM being website developing culture, science and education calls everyone to take a part in fight for “Armenian land” in French Frezno. Do no stay ignorant!

This is our duty to make this house a museum and take care of those trees in the garden of Saroyan.

You and me can and must look after house of Oscar and Pulicer.

Project “House of Saroyan” where you can make your donations will start from the 28th of April as a project of Culture.AM


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