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A woman who saved 30.000 children is the ”Aurora” prize laureate


Yerevan hosted the first award ceremony of ”Aurora” Prize for Awakening Humanity. The event was held on the day of Armenian Genocide 101th anniversary.

The Aurora Prize Selection Committee’s Co – Chairs are actor George Clooney and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel. From four nominees they chose Marguerite Barankitse as ”Aurora” Prize Laureate. The award was presented by George Clooney.

Marguerite Barankitse works in Maison Shalom and REMA Hospital in Burundi. She has saved thousands of lives and was taking care of orphans and refugees during the years of civil war in Burundi.

Marguerite Barankitse will receive $100.000 from founders of ”Aurora” Prize. In addition to this, 1.000.000 US dollars will be given to her for donating to three charity organizations. These organizations are: the Fondation du Grand-Duc et de La Grande-Duchesse du Luxembourg, Fondation Jean-François Peterbroeck, and the Fondation ”Bridderlech Deelen”.

During the evening the ”Principal coverage” prize was awarded on behalf of International Center for Journalism (ICFJ) and the 100 LIVES Initiative, and the first winner was The New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi.

Callimachi has introduced to the world the horrific institutionalization of sex slavery by ISIS. She also investigated the link between the child labor in gold mines of Senegal and banks in Switzerland, as well as revealed cases about mass killings of people in several African countries.

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