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“France 24″ authoritative TV’s programs are to be entirely devoted to Armenia on April 24


“One of the powers of the world” France turning a blind eye to the Turkish senseless cries and “looking” the history with clear eyes, adopted the Armenian Genocide over fifteen years ago and condemned the crime. So, here Turkey : “end to our relationship, trade” and so on, started woman-like screamings, but France, no,  is not the one to fear from such “barks”. What a grace would it be, if one day the “other powers” would also follow France. The more, without any hesitation, France keeps on acting like a friend of us, thus strengthening our relations.
In France having over half a million Armenian inhabitants, there is a number of TV and radio programs devoted to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. France 24 TV’s programs will be entirely devoted to the Armenian people, their history and culture. It’s worth mentioning that recently this channel has made a great range of reports devoted to Armenia and Yerevan. Discussions on the Genocide, Armenian history and culture are to be held. A report is to be shown about incognito Armenians: the journalists will follow their first visit to Armenia.
France 24 leading channel will have a direct connection with Armenia broadcasting the latest news concerning the events of the Genocide both in Armenia and in France.
May all “powers” follow the example as of France …





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