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German TV. Dictator Aliyev. The analog of Erdogan, the war provocateur


Azerbaijan’s ruling dictator Aliyev started a war against the Christian Armenia. Wolfram Weimer wrote about this on German N-TV television’s website, referring to the recent tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Azerbaijan’s president, who is a mix of a head of the oil empire, corrupt criminal gangster and a leader of the party, demonstrated military aggression against Armenia, by starting border fights in the zone of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Aliyev’s aggression is getting worse and the sternness of his soldiers is growing. Obviously, the dictator is looking for evident war”, the author wrote.

He explained why Azerbaijan decided to attack Nagorno – Karabakh right now. “Armenia is desired foreign enemy for him, because he is facing growing displeasure in his own country for quite a long time. The sharp decline in oil prices shook the foundations of his corrupt power. Until recently, Aliyev managed to solve the internal problems of the country with the help of petrodollars. But now this policy is failing. Aliyev is afraid of revolution. So he tries to solve the internal problems of the country through the war with Armenia – which is why he broke with the current 1994 ceasefire. He is trying to make Christian Armenia a scapegoat”, writes Weimer, noting that Azerbaijan was provoked by Turkey.

“This strategy is already familiar to us from Turkey. The two “potentates” declared themselves allies and military partners. For Armenia it means to be surrounded by two hostile states “, – concludes the author.

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