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Kusturica about the comparison between Serbs and Armenians and film production about Armenian Genocide


A famous Serbian director, musician and actor Emir Kusturica gave a press conference prior to his concert that will take place on 25th of December in Yerevan. Serbian artist spoke about his pleasure visiting Armenia where people, he says, are much alike Serbs. “But there is one difference. Armenians are much consolidated. You have your statehood, which reflects the united stand in relation to the issue of Armenian Genocide. My nation which has also been regularly under attack, doesn’t show such consolidated behavior. So every time I visit this country I really feel peoples’ unity”, said Kusturica.
The director remembered that years ago during his stay in Turkey his expressed conviction about the Genocide has not been welcomed…“I said, you can’t judge my opinion on this as you were the nation who killed 1.5 million Armenians”. Speaking about Serbs Kusturica mentioned that during the Second World War about 800.000 of his people were murdered by Croatians, but until now it’s not being officially recognized in Europe.
In an interview Kusturica also spoke about his desire to shoot a film on Armenian Genocide, although he added that it might be somewhat complicated as the shooting requires a good “dip” analysis of the subject, everything need to be understood, and a script that fully depicts the conflict should be found.
“Once having the opportunity, I would certainly shoot it”, concluded director.

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