Armenian Culture, Science and Education Development Foundation

The first QR library in Armenia is founded with the support of UCOM


For the first time in Armenia a QR library built by modern technologies is launched.
The cylindrical library of one meter in diameter and 260 cm height is a
rotating cylindrical construction that displays digital copies available at the
e-library of the university, with the corresponding QR-codes.

Students can download PDF versions of books through the “QR reader”
app on their phones or other devices and instead of
spending long hours in the library the materials could be studied
at any convenient location. According to Ucom’s official site, QR library
includes training materials and manuals, which often can not be found in libraries.

“In this digital age, it is very important to be on a par with
digital developments. Our young people today are in need of new
ideas and we support them, we need to promote education and
the development of these young people”- said the director of the
company Ucom Hayk Yesayan.

In addition to construction of the library, Ucom provided with the Wi-Fi coverage
the whole territory of the University.

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