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With “Want to live, learn to twirl” principle we try to save money by ourselves. ArSU pro-rector

Vitya Yaramishyan
For over half a century Artsakh State University has its stable place in Armenian educational system. In fact, it was originally founded as a “Stepanakert branch of Baku Pedagogical Institute after Lenin” however, 4 years later it gained independent status and was renamed as Stepanakert State Pedagogical Institute. In February 1988, university student movements contributed to a growing demand of Armenians of Artsakh for reunification with mother Armenia, the idea that found a nation wide support. As a result, studies at the Stepanakert State Pedagogical Institute had been temporarily suspended and in November of the same year, the University’s Armenian and Russian departments moved to Vanadzor to continue their work at Vanadzor Pedagogical Institute. In October, 1992, the Government of Armenia adopted a decision to merge the Stepanakert Department of Vanadzor Pedagogical Institute with Yerevan Engineering University’s Stepanakert branch, naming it ASU.
Today around 3,000 students are studying at the University’s 9 faculties with approximately 474 students entering this year. In an interview with Culture.AM, ASU’s Students, Alumni and Public Affairs pro-rector, candidate of science in psychology and assistant professor Vitya Yaramishyan noted that the applicants mostly prefer to study in departments of law and economics.
At first we inquired from him about problems that university is facing today… In response to our question, Mr. Yaramishyan especially noted issues related with condition of their building as well as their laboratories which can not afford buying a new equipment due to lack of funding.
- With ”Want to live, learn to twirl” principle we try to find ways to save money and then buy something for the University, because now it is difficult to find a sponsor as most of them are focused on financing kindergardens, schools and primary education. I do not know why they do not pay so much attention to the higher education. There is a State support, of course, every year they do some renovation and refreshing, but in order it to become a modern educational center,  we still have a lot work to do.

We also talked about university’s graduates asking if they provide job placements for students after they graduate.

- Artsakh State University diploma gives them certain competitiveness, particularly in Artsakh. Compared with other universities, they are on the highest position. But if we mean nationally, taking the whole field of Armenian education, then we certainly have difficulties here.
Mr. Yaramishyan, talking about future plans, said that he would like to develop cooperation with leading universities in Western Europe.

- We already have such experiences. For example we had an exchange connection with Loren University, and together with them we would try to increase the popularity of our university – in conclusion said Vitya Yaramishyan.

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