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Armenian new school building to be opened this year in Istanbul


Istanbul’s Armenian community is set to open a new school building in the city’s Bakırköy district for the 2015-2016 academic year. It was built by  Surp Asdvadzadzin Church Foundation.
As Hürriyet reports,Surp Asdvadzadzin Church Foundation head Mesut Özdemir said, that the new school was just a need and he thanked everyone who helped us reach this moment: Ministers, mayors, and the Armenian community.

“The Bakırköy district on Istanbul’s European side had housed one small school built over 170 years ago by Ottoman Armenian notable Hovhannes Dadyan and as the numbers increased capacity became a problem”,-Mesut Özdemir said.
According to his words, now they have a bigger sports and conference hall and canteen.
Özdemir said the school will now be able to offer a kindergarten service to the Armenian community, which will increase the number of students to 500.
The first day of the new school year, Sept. 28, will be the new Armenian school’s official inauguration day.
There are currently 22 minority schools across Istanbul: Five of them are Greek, one is Jewish, and the remaining 16 are Armenian.

Note, that this is the first new school building in the history of Turkish Republic.

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