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”The college needs a serious renovation. There is a bathroom which has no way to be used.” Director of Art College in Kapan

Varan Qocharyan

Culture.am continues its important mission to rebound to educational activities of the institutions in Yerevan and regions revealing the existing problems, everyday anxieties and future perspectives. Generally, it is important to focus the attention of responsible persons of this sphere to these issues. Especially poor social conditions caused massive emigration. Because of insufficient conditions to get qualified education pupils and students leave the country. It is no secret that the majority of educational institutions are reminiscent of Soviet times. To study in educational institutions with poor conditions to say the least is so unattractive. By saying “poor” first of all we mean institution in regions. State College of Art in Kapan has a half century history. Although it was once a musical college, however, its doors still open to every art loving student. The college’s newly appointed director, Mr. Kocharyan told us that the college intended for about 200 students. But now unfortunately only 93 students get education there and most of them prefer design department, which was founded not long ago. 36 teachers work in college and 17 of them on combined basis. Certainly it’s not because of luxurious living conditions that push people to work on several jobs… Luckily, students study in the college free of charge. But if the student wishes to continue his studies transferring here from another institution or after military service, he has to pay for study. To our question whether financial resources of the college were fully compliant for institutions activities and high quality of education the director said that the school belongs to the Ministry of Education of RA and they have no adventitious support. In an outspoken manner he added that once they applied for help to local businessmen but to no avail. Mr. Kocharyan said that in case of any problems they try to solve them somehow at their own expense. Issues related to repairs still remained unfinished due to lack of finances. Mr. Kocharian assumed such a complicated and responsible work for about two months and he is concerned about existing problems. The college needs serious renovation. Mainly, the toilets are in very bad condition. Once a graduate of Conducting Department at the Conservatory Vardan Qocharyan said they do everything possible to improve the college conditions and provide a high level of education for students. Although they try to improve the situation on their own, however the development and maintenance of educational system in every civilized country must be a part of State cultural policy, one of the priority strategic processes. The State should not rely on expense of personal income, which in this case, even with heartedness and great desire, can hardly be enough in Kapan for doing more for culture-loving children. Obviously, the responsible persons continuously give the same answer saying that they do everything possible. There are problems in every college, but when we speak about the lack of elementary and simple toilets, it is obvious that parents prefer not let children to attend such poor institutions instead sending them to study in Yerevan, thus inadvertently depriving regions from cultural development and so important presence of art. The country is rich and powerful not only with the capital, but also with its regions and villages. Even warm attitude towards a patch of land is very important for our future as new Aram Khachatryans, Viktor Hambardzumyans and Sharl Aznavurs can be born, grow up, and get education there.

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