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Mexican Museum of Memory and Tolerance to hold Exhibition Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide


The Museum of Memory and Tolerance in Mexico, that has always aimed to point out the crimes and austerity towards people with its exhibitions since its foundation, also focused its attention on the first massacre of the 20th century : the Armenian Genocide.

On April 17 it held an exhibition called “Armenia: an open wound”, the main aim of which is to inform people about the half and a million Armenians killed in World War I.
Khose Sarukhan, whose family suffered the Genocide, and who is the director of Mexico University, made speech at the exhibition, mentioning that the crime realized by Ottoman Turkey is an undeniable fact and  it’s the high time for everyone to face the history and accept it.

The doors of the museum are open for visitors till September 6, where about 80 exhibits will be performed: photos, videos, records and other historical objects.

It’s of interest, that there is a practical room for children (from 4 to 11 year), where excursions are held through games. Everything is done to raise respect and tolerance in children toward people.

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