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101Museums in Armenia and Karabakh to join Night of Museums action


One of the main challenges of the Night of Museums is to provide security, Deputy Culture Minister Arev Samuelyan said during Moscow-Yerevan-Tbilisi space bridge.

The flow of visitors of different ages requires increased safety measures.

“The hardest thing is to ensure the safety and quiet movement in the museums that are located in the center of Yerevan,” she added.

In addition, the Deputy Minister of Culture drew attention to the fact that the museum staff are not able to cope with the large influx of visitors.

“The museums have reached agreement student volunteers to help museum staff to receive visitors,” she added.

May 18 marks the International Day of Museums, and on May 17 Armenia for the tenth time will join the European Night of Museums.

Last year 89 museums participated in the action in Armenia with the number of visitors reaching 169,614. A total of 101 museums in Armenia and Karabakh will join the action.


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