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“Museums unite us”. Programs “Night of Museums” and “International ” Day of Museums» was held


The pan-European event «Night of Museums» will be held in the framework of the International Day of Museums, celebrated on May 18. 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of this event.

May 18 is celebrated as the International Day of Museums beginning with 1977 at the initiative of the International Council of Museums. The goal is to raise the role of museums in the social-cultural life of society. And the «Night of Museums» is held beginning with 2005 at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of France. The goal is to provide the visitors with free of charge visit to the museums, providing the availability of culture for all the strata of the society. The geography of the event is being expanded every year not only in Europe, but also in Armenia. It is held in Artsakh for the 2ndyear already.

This year, the number of participating museums is symbolic, as 100 museums of Armenia and Artsakh will be open at this night. The slogan of the event «Museums unite us»fully corresponds to its mission, uniting people around one idea, which is evidenced by the increasing number of visits annually.

The digital program «Geghaditak» has been introduced in the framework of the event «Night of Museums». This program allows visitors to see the selfies made by cell phones of the visitors in different European museums.

On May 17 a visit to the Historical and Archaeological Museum «Erebuni» was organized in cooperation with the City Hall of Yerevan. The tour included visits to Yerevan History Museum, Museum of History of Armenia, National Gallery of Armenia, Museum of Art and Literature, National Museum-Institute of Architecture, Museum-Institute of A. Tamanyan, ASPU Museum, Armenian Revolutionary Federation Museum, State Museum of Nature of Armenia, «Aguletsi» Foundation.

Students of Armenian State Pedagogical Institute and National University of Architecture and Construction worked as volunteers at some of the museums till midnight.

On may 17 Yerevan Metro was closed on 01:00.

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