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“Each person should think of keeping his cultural hearth in good condition. We strive for more”. Eduard Topchyan

Eduard Topchyan

Undoubtedly, one of the most important events of our capital these days is Yerevan 9th International Festival, which aims to bring famous musicians under one roof giving the audience nice musical moments. Within the held series of 8 symphonic and 10 chamber concerts, our 10 out of 24 guest musicians will also provide master classes.

In conversation with Cuture.AM Eduard Topchyan, the festival’s art director (together with Alexander Chaushyan) and principal conductor of the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra emphasized about the mission of this festival which is  to bring Armenian and foreign musicians closer within frames of these both symphonic and chamber music venues. In response to our question on differences between this and 8 previous festivals they organized, Maestro said that they did not have a target to bring up anything new.
- It is of much more importance to invite great musicians, who would cooperate with our musicians and give master classes. We have always pursued this goal and never contradict our principles. The idea is not about saying something new, but rather something good need to be said.

We also asked to comment on our cultural reality today, in particular about the situation of our culture today: Maestro replied that he could only talk about themselves.
-We are in a good condition. As for others, each person should think of keeping his cultural hearth in good condition. We strive for more.

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